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The Baths of Tabiano are famous for the beneficial properties of their waters. They were already known in the nineteenth century as the most sulfuric in all of Europe; still today, the waters of Tabiano Baths have a high concentration of sulphates and sulphuric gases.

What are they used for?

The waters of Tabiano prevent and cure bronchial, ear, nose and throat diseases; are indicated for treating the upper respiratory tract, including infections of allergic origin. They are also great for skin health and burns.


No cure? Relax in the T-SPATIUM, the thermal wellness centre with so many relaxing and regenerating treatments for your body care.


To start your thermal treatments, you should consult with your doctor or a thermal treatment specialist. The cost of the care is borne by the National Health Service. Every citizen is entitled to a cycle of 12 days of thermal treatment per year, even if not continuous, provided that they are completed within 60 days of the first treatment.


The Tabiano Thermal Baths are open from March to January. For more information, you can call 800 861385 or visit www.termeditabiano.it.

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